Volunteering is fun, big time.


Mentors serve as teachers, friends and advocates who provide guidance to the children. Mentors assist in life choices and expose children to a world they may have never thought possible. Mentors and children participate in activities they both enjoy such as playing sports, hiking, reading books or simply spending a day at the park together.


Mentors must be 18 years old and able to:

  • Commit for 12 months
  • Meet with little a minimum of 1 - 2 hours each week
  • Complete an in-person interview and a criminal background check
  • Provide transportation and proof of car insurance at all times
  • Maintain regular communication with agency staff
  • Communicate regularly with the child’s parent/guardian
  • Track and report all outings monthly
  • Plan weekly activities that will be positive, fun and educational for the child


Are you ready to positively impact a child’s life?

Can you commit to a minimum of 1 hour per week for 12 consecutive months?


If you answered yes, please click here to fill out an application! After you complete it, a Big Brothers Big Sisters staff member will contact you shortly.


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